We sell a few products that we use ourselves. All proceeds benefit the rescue. NOTE: please email for total price plus shipping when combining products. Orders are shipped same or next mail day by Priority Mail. We accept Paypal. If you have an account, click on the button, enter the total of your order including shipping and log into your account. If you don't have a Paypal account, click on the Paypal button, enter the total $ amount of your order plus shipping and click on Don't Have A Paypal Account. Any major credit card can then be used. 

Shipping Rates: Priority Mail small box: $6; medium $12; large: $16  

Please note: All orders are shipped from New Orleans and are usually delivered in 2 days. 

Contact us at 504.912.9143 or email [email protected] .

Chin spins and single carriers are available for pick-up in La Porte.

Month's Supply

A months worth of supplies for a chinchilla (except hay!): 2 lbs of pellets; 3 lbs of dust; 1/4 lb (30+) apple chew sticks; 30+ rosehips; 5 treat bags; 1 cookie; 1 lava rock; oats - all for $35 including Priority Mail shipping.

Apple Chew Sticks

Apple wood chew sticks from certified organic orchards. All wood is cleaned and baked. Sticks are about 5 inches long and are about pencil size or smaller in diameter. Some batches may contain bigger sticks depending on the supplier, in which case you will be notified and can cancel. There are about 80 - 100+ sticks per pound.

Economy box: Small Priority Mail box full, about 3/4 lb. $16 delivered

Apple sticks by the pound: $10 plus shipping.

1 lb = $22 shipped   (space left in the box)

2 lb = $32 shipped   (space in the box)

3 lb = $42 shipped   (space in the box)

4 lb = $52 shipped 

5 lb = $62 shipped

6+ lbs = $10/lb + $16 shipping

Oxbow Chinchilla Pellets

Oxbow Essentials Chinchilla Deluxe is a high quality alfalfa based pellet. We both use and recommend an Oxbow diet for all our chinchillas. We have fresh pellets available. Shelf life is 6 months when shipped. Feeding 2 tablespoons per day, a chin will need about 1 1/2 to 2 lbs of pellets per month. A 5 lb bag will fit in a medium box with room for apple chews and more. Pellets should be consumed within 60 days.

1 lb: $1.50

5 lb bag: $7.50

Medium Priority Mail box full, 13 lbs  of pellets: $31.50 including shipping.

Large Priority box full, 20 lbs of pellets: $46 including shipping.


Rosehips are a good source of calcium and Vit C. We give one per day as a supplement. One pound = about 600 rosehips. Note: chins eat only the red outer shell. 

$16 for one pound delivered. $10 for 1/2 pound delivered.

Whole Oats

Oats are a good safe treat and very helpful in hand taming shy chinchillas. Due to their small size, 3-4 can be given in a day while taming. We sell only Purina Race Horse Oats to insure a quality product. A pound will last many weeks.

One pound of oats = 2+ cups.

$2 per pound or $7 Priority Mail shipping included.

Blue Cloud Rocks

The same Blue Cloud as the dust, these rocks are a big hit. Our chins chew the rock and then try to roll in the dust they make. Each rock is about 3 oz and will provide hours of fun. $3 per rock plus shipping. 8-9 rocks fit in a small Priority Mail box, shipping $6.

Treat Bags

Brown paper bags stuffed with different types of grass hays: Various timothy hays (2nd and 3rd cuts), Botanical hay, Orchard grass, Meadow grass, Bluegrass, plus a bit of alfalfa, a pinch of crushed rosehips and bits of apple chew sticks. Ingredients vary. $1.50 per bag plus shipping,

Mrs Pasture's Horse Cookies

A few scrapes on a horse cookie once a week are our chinchillas' guilty pleasure. The cookies are very hard and will last a long time. Hold onto it tightly and let your chin scrape a bit off. $1 each plus shipping

Bene-bac Gel

Bene-bac gel is a probiotic specifically formulated for small mammals. Bene-bac can be administered in measured doses at specific times, making it a powerful tool in supporting a chin's digestive system when administering antibiotics or for any time when supportive therapy is necessary. Available in a graduated 15cc syringe. Normal dosage is 1cc every other day. Shelf life is usually over 1 year.

$9 per syringe or $15 delivered by Priority Mail.

Alfalfa Cubes

Alfalfa is a must for young chins, pregnant and nursing mothers and is a great occasional treat for other chins. These cubes are quite hard and are a great carry/chew toy. One pound is shown. Alfalfa cubes are $1/lb plus shipping. 

Lava Bites

Lava Bites have been a favorite of chins for years. They can be given as a carry chew toy or strung on wire or a kabob through the pre-drilled hole. Lava Bites come in 3 colors/flavors. $5 for a 3-pak. Add to an existing order or, by themselves, three 3-paks fit in a small Priority Mail box for $21 including shipping.

Blue Cloud Bath Dust

Blue Cloud dust is the gold standard for bath dust. $2/lb plus shipping.

Quality Cage Chin Spin and Carriers

For the convenience of our clients, we also carry single Quality Cage carriers and the 15" Quality Cage chinspin. These are available for pick-up from our La Porte location for the same price you would pay to have it delivered.

The 15” Chinspin. $93 The best wheel available. Silent and durable, all our chins have one and it is required for every adoption.

We require wire carriers to transport our chinchillas when adopted. Quality Cage provides a range of acceptable carriers which we have modified to be even more useful to safely and easily carry your chin(s).

Single Chinchilla Carrier: Measures 8"w x 12"d x 8" high. It has a 3" deep metal tray and is made of sturdy 1" x 1" wire safety-finished to protect your pet and your hands. Fully assembled, and ready to use. Ours are modified and have one handle on the top instead of the two pictured.