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Houston Chinchilla Rescue is a foster-based organization dedicated to helping owners provide quality homes for their chin companions, assisting in fostering and rehoming unwanted chins and providing an emergency rescue service for chinchillas. Located in La Porte, we are part of NOLA Chinchilla Rescue and there are associate rescues in New Orleans and Lubbock. 

If you are considering adopting a chinchilla, please do your research. Chins are exotic animals and they have special needs that must be met (air conditioning, pure water, diet). At a minimum, you need to know what is on this site. Besides their physical care, your chinchilla will want an hour per day of your life for the rest of it's life.

You may wish to join a chinchilla forum to share your experiences and to learn more. There are many internet forums and you should be able to find one you like.

At this time we do not have space for surrenders. Please contact NOLA Chinchilla Rescue in New Orleans or ChinChildren's Chinchilla Rescue in Red Oak (Dallas), TX.

Contact Us

We are happy to share information and to give advice. Please email us. If you have an emergency, please call 281.660.1291

Things To Consider

Chinchillas are undeniably cute, but they are not cuddly. Few chins will tolerate being held for more than a minute or so. Think 4 year old child on a sugar rush- this is a normal healthy chinchilla.

Chinchillas are temperature sensitive. They can die at 80F and 75F is the very top end of safety.

Chinchillas cannot control their fecal pellets. These are small and hard and contain undigested hay. There is no smell or mess in a healthy chin's poos. However these are secreted any time and any where. Some chins can be litterpan trained for urination but this is rarely reliable.

Chinchillas eat hay- lots of grass hay. If anyone in the household has an allergy to grass they will likely be bothered.

Chinchillas bathe in dust, not water, and this very fine dust tends to get everywhere.

Chinchillas are exotic animals and it is necessary to do a lot of studying to assure a safe and healthy home.

Chinchillas and Youths

We consider chinchillas to be adult companion animals. Their life spans run from 15 to 25+ years. While most chinchillas may be initially purchased by young teenagers, the result is rarely favorable for the chin. School work, dating, and part-time employment are just some of the reasons their cute pet is soon left alone. When he/she grows up, goes away to college or gets married, what is their chin supposed to do with the remaining 10+ years of it's life?  Teenage abandonment is the overwhelming #1 reason for surrenders to our rescue.

Also to be considered is that a teen rarely has the financial resources necessary in case of an emergency. They also do not control the household, the thermostat or necessary transportation.

If your teenager wants a chinchilla, it needs to be a family decision. It needs to be understood that the family will be responsible and will provide a forever home for the chinchilla.

Available Chinchillas

Chinchillas available for adoption can be seen on